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Clive Campbell has a Bachelor Of Arts Degree (Legal) with Majors in Law, Logic (High Distinction), and English from the Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg.
He has been a member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS) since 1981.

Throughout his career he has dedicated his efforts towards empowering managers and users to own and manage their data and processes so that they may obtain the best possible benefits from the time and money they have invested in their people and their current hardware and software technology. In spite of assuming management responsibilities, he has continued to keep up to date technically, and to continue to cut code and get deeply involved technically with all the teams and projects he has managed.

He has had over 40 years computer experience at all levels, in many business and computing environments:-

bullet PC Hardware and Software Mobile Repairs. Building / Refurbishing PCs and servers to meet the changing needs of clients.
/ WANS and networked PCs using Windows Server 2012 (R2), Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Ultimate - including Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode for the continued use of expensive older applications, Windows Vista, XP Pro, SQL Server Client Server, Object Oriented, and n Tier architecture and 4GL tools;
bullet Minis / Mainframes, including IBM relational database software DB2, QBE, QMF, AS; using many hardware and software products.

This experience includes:- 

bullet Over 16 years extensive, practical, everyday use of MYOB accounting package; setting up and managing accounts for 2 separate companies and 2 separate individuals, including sophisticated import / export / analysis of data, inventory control, depreciation, reconciliation, GST/BAS statements, year end procedures and preparation of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and other General  Ledger reports for final preparation by their Accountants of Taxation forms for ATO.
Preparing, Lodging and achieving Austrade EMDG grant for customer using customised MYOB and Excel functions.
bullet Intranet and Internet web development and hosting under IIS, including secure on-line shopping.  Extensive use of Microsoft Expression Web, All major Adobe and Macromedia Products, and high-resolution Digital still and DVD Photography for Artwork Design and DVD creation via Pinnacle Studio and AVID products. 
Many other Software Applications
Camberg Computer Services P/L Microsoft SQL Server DBA and Network Administration using IIS 8.5,  IIS 6, Windows Server 2012 (R2),  Windows 2003 Small Business Server.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Consultancy - specialising in IT strategies using n tier and client server processes with relational database systems and office productivity systems (including 3.5 years of intensive Document Management using PCDOCS and Mezzanine /SDM/ AWC/ VIEWz), 
Camberg Computer Services P/L MIS management
Camberg Computer Services P/L Information Centre Management
Camberg Computer Services P/L Project Management
Camberg Computer Services P/L Hardware / Software selection, negotiation and installation, 
Camberg Computer Services P/L Software Development using many software languages
Camberg Computer Services P/L Technical Documentation
Camberg Computer Services P/L Computer Training, Including database end-user computing for Pacific Power staff at various Regional Power stations and in Sydney during the early 90's. 
As Information Centre Manager, Set up and ran a very successful Training Lab for professional end user personnel at HCF.
Training senior executives and their staff in Document Management
Training IT staff in various disciplines - operations,  systems design, programming and implementation, project management etc.
One year as a High School English Teacher
Camberg Computer Services P/L Staff selection and training and Operations Management.

From July 1999 to date, he has been :-

Camberg Computer Services P/LRepairing PCs - hardware and software -specialising in re-building and optimising the software of machines rendered inoperable or slow because of virus infections and other causes.

Camberg Computer Services P/L providing the business, graphic, photographic and technical IT expertise to publish an original 84 piece Card Deck, and publish and print 4 books including ISBN registration etc.This work also entailed the use of Digital still and DVD Photography for Artwork Design and DVD creation via Pinnacle Studio.
Camberg Computer Services P/L providing the business, book-keeping and technical IT expertise to help a client with the legal Intellectual Property rights, and the creation, manufacture, export and international sale of Australian products and the acquisition of an Australian Export Grant.
Camberg Computer Services P/L creating intranet and internet webs, managed by IIS and including setting up secure internet shopping (using Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web,), photography, etc.
Camberg Computer Services P/L providing system integration, network and PC administration using mixed Windows Server 2012 (R2), Windows 2003 Small Business Server, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Ultimate - including Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode for the continued use of expensive older applications, Windows Vista,  Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, and Office XP products,
Camberg Computer Services P/L  providing Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop consultancy, technical IT expertise, etc. in these areas.
Camberg Computer Services P/L  providing MYOB consultancy, technical IT expertise, training, etc. in these areas.

Specimens of this internet work can be seen at ,   and 

He completed 22 months of consultancy to Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) from September 1997 to June 1999. During this time he functioned variously as:-

Camberg Computer Services P/L Project Director (about 9 months setting up, implementing and training users in a development and earned value reporting methodology using MS Project, other custom-built mechanisms, and the APT Methodology (customised), for all projects and project managers);
Camberg Computer Services P/L Consultant (about 6 months on various projects, including EIS and Y2K projects);
Camberg Computer Services P/L Project Manager of a large rewrite of their Core Business System CBS (about 7 months using Microsoft NT, VB, COM, DCOM, MTS, Oracle 8 etc.).

Prior to this he was Manager ITS Development Group for Price Waterhouse Australasia:

Camberg Computer Services P/L Managing the development team and setting hardware and software strategies for the new production and development environments. This ten person development team achieved a world first between June 1996 and mid July 1997:- 
Camberg Computer Services P/L in less than one year Totally replacing Legacy Core Business Systems:-
Camberg Computer Services P/L One medium mainframe PMS system - 12 Gigs Database
Camberg Computer Services P/L many separate Clipper / Dbase databases - 5 Gigs Databases
Camberg Computer Services P/L many separate Access databases - 3 Gigs Databases

with a genuine centralised client server Solution "Cate":-

Camberg Computer Services P/L 3000+ on line users on one NT / SQL Server box. This was at a time when the "experts" were saying that
NT / Microsoft SQL Server could not handle more than one hundred concurrent users. Clive did his sums in terms of proposing
hardware and software configurations on the required volumes of transactions and data, laid his reputation on the line and with
the help of a brilliant team, achieved a spectacular result.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Instantaneous response times at over 3000 transactions a minute - over the LAN & WAN
Camberg Computer Services P/L saving millions on hardware and software strategies and licence fees

This system has since been enhanced, renamed, and is now servicing about 30,000 users in many  countries in Australasia.
Clive also continued to be heavily involved in the day to day DBA management and optimisation of the large NT SQL Server installations.

Immediately prior to that he provided Consultancy DBA services on a 6 month contract (December 1995 to May 1996 inclusive) through Camberg Computer Services Pty Ltd to Price Waterhouse:-

Camberg Computer Services P/L Setting up and administering NT 3.51 Servers (various client workstations) and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. He was heavily involved in the data modelling processes using ERWin and headed up the 2 person RDB cell which migrated the IBM mainframe data to SQL Server. In one month, this cell successfully designed tables (89), coded import and processing routines, loaded into SQL Server, and reconciled large volumes of data for January and February 1996. Clive coded the BCP scripts and stored procedures used to load the tables and populate the database. He was also responsible for the optimisation of these procedures.
Camberg Computer Services P/L He was also involved in defining a development methodology and documentation standards for the ISD Development group. 

This 6 month consultancy project was so successful that Clive was offered the job of Manager ITS Development Group for Price Waterhouse Australia.

Prior to that he spent about a year providing Document Management Consultancy for SANGER AND ASSOCIATES PTY LTD.

Camberg Computer Services P/L Preparing for and Providing training to Senior Managers, Sales and Technical personnel, on the sales and successful implementation of Document Management Solutions for Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd. Two three day highly successful interactive consultative sales program courses were presented to resellers of Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd during May and August 1995.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Setting up and maintaining NT 3.51 Servers and SQL backends on NT 3.51 Server and Windows for Workgroups clients for Saros Mezzanine SDM and Autodesk Workcenter.

Prior to this, he completed a year performing the following roles for EDUCOM COMMUNICATIONS Pty Ltd:-

Camberg Computer Services P/L Manager Consultancy / Development Department reporting to the Managing Director
Camberg Computer Services P/L Managing a Software Specialist team consulting, developing, documenting, installing supporting and maintaining:-
Camberg Computer Services P/L custom-built solutions using Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, Access, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, etc
Camberg Computer Services P/L addons to standard products such as, PC DOCS Document Management System, TM1 Perspectives, Lotus Notes and other
Windows based products running under Novell,
Camberg Computer Services P/L NT, Lan Manager, and other networks. PC DOCS together with the APT Quality Management System and HDK were used for the
customisation and maintenance of the software development and general policies, procedures and forms which are required
in order to attain ISO and Australian quality certification.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Senior Consultant planning strategies, helping prepare Response to Tender documents etc. Responding to needs of large organisations seeking productivity improvements in the DMS and other areas.

Some of the other major development projects he has successfully designed, constructed and implemented include:-

Camberg Computer Services P/L For Memorex Telex:-
Camberg Computer Services P/L Construction, Implementation, Documentation, training, and maintenance of a LAN based multi user Sales Analysis and 
Forecasting System,
including an automated bidirectional PCROBOT interface to an IBM mainframe. This system saved about 190
 person days a year.
Camberg Computer Services P/L liaised with senior management and users in order to prepare a Requirements Analysis for: a Sales Proposals System, and a
Business Management System
Camberg Computer Services P/L set up End User Computing on the Forecasting & Sales Analysis & PCROBOT systems.

Camberg Computer Services P/L
The establishment of a very successful End User computing facility using DB2 relational facilities on an IBM mainframe and linked LANs and PCs at Hospitals Contribution Fund where he spent four and a half years as Information Centre Manager.
Camberg Computer Services P/L In the late 70's and early 80's - A uniquely designed user-driven multiple mini computer networked Medical Reporting and Accounting system, "REPAC", for a very large Newcastle based Pathology practice, Drs Hendry, Hampson, Schweitzer, Barker, Roberts. At that time, this practice had about 40 branches/collection points; employed over 400 people; and performed over 500 different pathology tests. This system was a world first at the time in that users totally controlled the system - new labs, screens, test and reports could be designed and implemented online without any changes to the software and without even having to restart the system. This was because all procedures were driven by data and transition state tables rather than hard coded software.
Camberg Computer Services P/L The Specification and Development of sophisticated on-line commercial systems, including: Integrated on-line Order Entry, Invoicing, Open Item Debtors, Creditors, Stock Recording, and Sales History, Commercial Accounting systems, Stock Replenishment systems, and decentralised data capture systems.


Camberg Computer Services P/L Still and DV photography
Camberg Computer Services P/L Bushwalking / camping / abseiling ( has at his own cost trained many abseilers over the years ), motorcycling, sailing, tennis, chess, reading, computing, photography, handyman home-workshop.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former rock climber.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former Member of DB2 Special Interest Group - End User Computing.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former Convenor IBM AS User Group in Sydney.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former member of RACGP Medical Practice Computer Sub-Committee.
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former High School English Teacher
Camberg Computer Services P/L Former Deceased Estate Liquidation and Trust Administration officer for 3 and a half years.

References Available on Request

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